Hungarian defense is strengthened with NASAMS

In a significant development, Hungary strengthened its security by integrating the NASAMS system into its defense arsenal.

Acquisition of the NASAMS Missile System by Hungary

October 26 marked a milestone for Hungary with the official addition of the NASAMS air defense system. The ceremony took place at the 205th Air Defense Regiment in Győr. Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky, Minister of National Defense, highlighted the critical importance of such systems to protect the country’s sovereignty and security.

This modern air defense system represents a pillar in the transformation and rearmament of Hungary’s military capabilities. The minister pointed out that conflicts such as the war in Ukraine and the confrontation between Palestine and Israel demonstrate the relevance of ground-based anti-aircraft defense systems.

How Powerful is NASAMS Air Defence System

Szalay-Bobrovniczky vehemently expressed that the incorporation of  NASAMS  marks a strengthening of the nation: “Hungary today becomes stronger… better guaranteeing the security and property of the Hungarian people.” He stressed the importance of rebuilding national defense capacity after years of military drawdown.

Hungary Strengthens its Defense with NASAMS

Hungary’s commitment to its defense began on November 30, 2020, with the contract signing to acquire the  NASAMS systems. These systems, the result of a collaboration between  Kongsberg of Norway and  Raytheon of the USA, are recognized worldwide and used by countries such as the USA, Australia and Oman. Ukraine has proven its effectiveness in combat.

NASAMS  stands out for its network of control stations and the use of AMRAAM  missiles, acclaimed in the US. This technology will replace the regiment’s obsolete Soviet anti-aircraft systems in Győr.

The handover of the  NASAMS  was attended by senior officers such as Lieutenant General Ferenc Kajári and Colonel Tibor Mihály Matyi. With them, the minister and Lieutenant Colonel Sándor Nagy, commander of the NASAMS Air Defense Missile Department, received the system.

Hungary Celebrates the Arrival of NASAMS

The acquisition of  NASAMS  symbolizes a crucial step forward in improving Hungarian national defense, ensuring the protection of its citizens and contributing to the collective security of  NATO. The event was attended by government officials, military leaders and defense industry representatives, underscoring the country’s commitment to its national security.