The Ministry of Defense of Indonesia has officially announced the conclusion of an agreement for the purchase of 12 used Mirage 2000-5DA from Dassault, which were in the category of surplus weapons of Qatar. Information about such a purchase appeared at the beginning of 2023, but no official confirmation was found.

The total cost of 12 Mirage 2000 fighters cost the country 792 million dollars; that is, one Mirage 2000 has a price tag of 66 million dollars. But this is after the restoration of the machines, which will be implemented by the Czech company Excalibur International (not to be confused with Excalibur Army, although both are part of the Czechoslovak Group). Spare engines and other spare parts, ground equipment, pilot training, etc., are also included in the price. Delivery terms of two years are also important.

How much are used Mirage 2000

And it should be noted that Qatar bought 12 Mirage 2000-5DA (9 in single and 3 in two-seater version) in 1994 and received the last board in 1997, so we are talking about fighters that are 26 years old. The aircraft’s capabilities include the use of MICA air-to-air missiles and Apache cruise missiles (which became the basis for the SCALP – Storm Shadow missile).

How much are used Mirage 2000

And although it seems that in the arms market, it is possible to find better offers than the 26-year-old used Mirage 2000 at 66 million dollars per unit, but this is rather the impression. Because of these funds, buying only something at the level of a Korean FA-50 light fighter is possible.

At the same time, Indonesia has already made a bet on French arms, ordering 42 French Rafale fighter jets in February 2022 as part of an $8.1 billion contract with a deadline of 2026.

And in general, this purchase is connected with the deterioration of the security situation in the region and the fact that the country has given up Russian weapons and now does not even know how to service the already purchased ones. We will remind you that the country wanted to buy Russian Su-35, and it has 5 Su-27 and 11 Su-30 in service. In addition to Russian aircraft, the basis of the country’s aircraft fleet is 33 F-16s (9 in the oldest A/B version and 24 in the C/D version).

Thus, in order to increase their aircraft fleet in a short period of time, countries now need to really wriggle out. And now, even if fighter jets are needed urgently, it is still necessary to wait for them for several years.