The ultimate weapon developed by mankind is the nuclear warhead. This weapon, which is currently the most powerful weapon for mankind, has also become the greatest threat to human security. If we compare the nuclear arsenal levels of China, the United States, and Russia, there is a significant gap. The U.S. military has deployed 1,350 nuclear warheads, while Russia has 1,800.

However, China’s nuclear arsenal is reportedly about 600 warheads, which is roughly one-third of Russia’s one-minute launch capability. While this number may seem lower, it is important to note that the ability to launch nuclear warheads is only discussed from a theoretical limit, and in reality, no country would likely launch so many warheads in one minute.

During the Cold War era, the Soviet Union engaged in an arms race with the United States, leading to an exponential increase in their research and development capabilities. At its peak, the Soviet Union possessed tens of thousands of nuclear warheads. This intense competition eventually led to an agreement on nuclear limitations between the United States and Russia, significantly reducing their nuclear arsenals.

Both the United States and Russia still retain large nuclear arsenals, with the U.S. having over 6,000 warheads and Russia over 7,000. Despite the reductions, they maintain a state of checks and balances, and their mutual deterrence continues to shape their relationship. The fear of nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands or being used aggressively remains a significant concern for global security.

Chinese military experts have expressed that China’s hundreds of nuclear warheads are sufficient to protect the nation’s last line of defense, and there is no need to worry about the number or their capability. China’s nuclear arsenal, deployed according to basic national defense standards, is considered adequate to safeguard the country.