How Many A-10 Attack Aircraft Were Retired in Fiscal Year 2023?

In recent years, the U.S. Air Force has undertaken significant changes in its fleet composition, aiming to modernize and optimize its resources. One notable development is the decommissioning of A-10 attack aircraft, a process that has garnered attention and discussion within military circles and beyond.

Decommissioning Strategy: During fiscal year 2023, the U.S. Air Force initiated the retirement of 21 A-10 attack aircraft, marking a strategic shift in its inventory management. This reduction, affecting the 122nd Airlift Wing at Fort Wayne Air National Guard, Indiana, brought the total inventory down from 281 to 260 aircraft.

Continued Decommissioning Efforts: Moving into the 2024 fiscal year, the decommissioning efforts have persisted, with an additional five attack aircraft of this type already retired. By year-end, the plan is to decommission a total of 42 A-10 attack aircraft, resulting in the U.S. military having 218 aircraft at its disposal. These developments have been reported by the Military Times portal, shedding light on the ongoing transformations within the armed forces.

Recent Decommissioning Activities: Notably, recent reports indicate that two A-10 attack aircraft were decommissioned from the 354th Squadron of the 355th Air Wing, stationed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. These aircraft found a new home within the 309th Maintenance and Recovery Group, responsible for managing the renowned “aircraft graveyard” situated at the same air base.

Future Plans and Implications: Looking ahead, the U.S. military has outlined its intentions to retire the entire A-10 squadron by the fall of 2024. This decision will result in a total of 76 combat “boards” of this type stationed at Davis-Monthan Airport. Concurrently, personnel affected by the phased retirement of the A-10 will be reassigned to units operating the F-35 aircraft, aligning with broader strategic objectives and resource allocation within the military.

Conclusion: The decommissioning of A-10 attack aircraft reflects the U.S. Air Force’s commitment to modernization and efficiency. As the military landscape evolves, such strategic decisions play a crucial role in ensuring readiness and effectiveness in addressing contemporary challenges. Stay tuned for further developments as the transformation journey continues.