Houthi attacks American cargo ships and warships
Yahya Sarea, spokesman for the Houthi forces in Yemen. Photo: X/SputnikInt

Houthi forces announced an attack on four ships in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, including two cargo ships and two US warships.

The Houthis attacked two US warships along with the Cyclades cargo ship in the Red Sea and the MSC Orion cargo ship in the Indian Ocean, Yahya Sarea, spokesman for the Houthi forces in Yemen, announced on the morning of April 30.

“The operations were successful,” Sarea said but did not mention the two US warships targeted.

Houthi said the Greek ship Cyclades docked at Israel’s Eliat port on April 21. This ship concealed its true destination and was “precisely attacked by the Houthis when leaving Eilat.” Meanwhile, the Houthis described the MSC Orion, under the Portuguese flag, as an Israeli cargo ship. Signals from the automatic identification system (AIS) showed that it departed from Oman on April 29.

The US military Central Command (CENTCOM) confirmed the raids took place on April 29. US forces intercepted a UAV whose flight aimed at the warships USS Philippine Sea and USS Laboon in the Red Sea.

The Cyclades ship was attacked with three anti-ship ballistic missiles and three UAVs. Initial information showed that there were no casualties, and the ship continued its journey, according to CENTCOM.

Houthi forces have continuously launched missiles and UAVs to attack cargo ships and warships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden since November 2023 to show solidarity with the Palestinian people after Israel sent troops into the Gaza Strip to “erase “Hamas armed group.

Houthi attacks on ships in the Red Sea disrupted global shipping, forcing companies to switch to longer and more expensive journeys through the Cape of Good Hope, southern Africa. The attacks also raised concerns that the Israel-Hamas conflict could spread and destabilize the Middle East.

Houthis announced in mid-March that they would increase raids to prevent ships linked to Israel from passing through the Indian Ocean to the Cape of Good Hope.

The Houthis and Hamas are members of the Iran-backed “axis of resistance” in the Middle East against Israel and the United States.