This morning, shots were fired from Lebanon towards Mount Dov. In response, the IDF intervened with artillery. The citizens of Metula were warned to seek shelter.

Hezbollah terrorist group admits responsibility.

The terrorist group Hezbollah claims responsibility for the mortar shots fired today from Lebanon against northern Israel.

In a statement, the terrorist group claims to have attacked three Israeli military installations in the disputed Mount Dov region .

The Israel Defense Forces reported no injuries and said they responded with artillery strikes.

IDF response to Hezbollah attack

The IDF claims it carried out a drone attack against “Hezbollah infrastructure” in the area.

According to a military source, it was a tent that the terrorist group set up in Israeli territory months ago.

Following these events, the  Israel Defense Forces indicated that they were launching artillery attacks in  Lebanon due to the impact of several mortars on its territory.

These mortars hit the conflict zone of  Mount Dov, located on the border with  Lebanon.

Preventive measures and official communications

Given the situation, the closure of tourist areas in northern Israel was decreed. Caution was emphasized.

In an official statement, the army stated: “ The IDF  has been preparing for these types of scenarios and will continue to operate where and when necessary to protect Israelis.”

Due to fears that the situation in the south could escalate, residents of the  Upper Galilee have been urged to stay close to air raid shelters.

Recommendations for the population

With growing tension, municipal authorities have issued messages for citizens to stay close to safe areas. In case of an alert, they must take shelter immediately.

These measures seek to guarantee the safety of residents in the face of possible new clashes in the border area.

The situation continues to be monitored, and a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict is expected.