Hamas launched rockets with a range of 160 km into Israel

The Israeli military announced that Hamas launched R-160 rockets with a range of 160 km, targeting Israeli cities but causing no damage or casualties.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said the Hamas group in the Gaza Strip on the night of October 25 launched long-range rockets into the Haifa area, Israel’s third largest city, causing sirens to sound in several nearby towns. This shell exploded in mid-air and caused no damage on the ground.

Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it fired R-160 “Rantisi” rockets. This is a long-range rocket made by this group and has a range of about 160 km, carrying a high-explosive warhead weighing about 150 kg. The R-160 is one of the largest rockets armed groups possess in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas then launched a long-range rocket targeting the southernmost city of Eilat in Israel, but the alarm system there did not sound a warning. The IDF explained that the projectile landed in an open area and caused no damage, so the air defense system did not trigger the alarm.

The Israeli military once accused an R-160 rocket launched by armed groups in Gaza of falling on Al-Ahli hospital in the central strip on the night of October 17, killing hundreds of people. Hamas meanwhile said that Israeli bombs or missiles caused the tragedy.

Israel accused Hamas rockets of causing the explosion at Al-Ahli hospital

At dawn on October 25, a number of rockets continued to fly toward the city of Ashkelon and Israeli residential areas near the Gaza Strip, where most of the population had evacuated. There was no information on damage or casualties in these raids.

Hamas and other armed groups in the Gaza Strip launched thousands of rockets into Israel after the October 7 attack, but the frequency of recent launches has decreased sharply. Israeli officials and Western military experts say that Hamas launching rockets with a limited frequency is a move to “save firepower” and prepare for long-term conflict.

The IDF, on the same day, accused Iran of “participating in preparations for Hamas” in the current conflict with Israel. Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the IDF spokesman, said that Iran “directly supported Hamas” before the large-scale attack on October 7, including helping to train fighters by providing weapons and technology.

“Iran continues to provide intelligence support to Hamas and spread anti-Israel information on the Internet,” Mr. Hagari said.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei accused the US of “directing attacks against Hamas” carried out by Israel. Mr. Khamenei said, “America is a clear accomplice to the crime” in the Gaza Strip.

On October 25, the IDF announced the defeat of Taysir Mubasher, commander of Hamas’s Northern Khan Younis battalion. According to the IDF, Mubasher was once the commander of Hamas’s maritime operations unit, held positions related to weapons manufacturing activities and was considered close to Mohammed Deif, the leader of Hamas’s military wing.

The Israeli army last night conducted dozens of airstrikes targeting tunnels, command posts, weapons depots, and anti-tank missile and rocket launch sites of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Fighting between the two sides over nearly three weeks has left about 7,000 people dead, while the Gaza Strip faces a serious humanitarian disaster.