Hamas launched rockets, the Israeli parliament entered the bunker

A series of large rockets from the Gaza Strip aimed at Israel forced the country’s parliament to suspend its plenary session and evacuate to a shelter.

Air defense sirens were activated in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem today after the armed group Hamas launched many long-range rockets from the Gaza Strip, targeting a series of Israeli cities.

The incident occurred while the Israeli parliament was in full session, forcing this body to suspend operations for about 40 minutes. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and parliamentarians evacuated to a shelter to ensure safety.

Israeli media described this as the largest rocket attack on the country since the series of launches that opened the war on October 7. Many loud explosions were heard in the above cities, but there was no information about casualties or damage on the ground.

The Qassam Brigade, the armed wing of Hamas, announced the raid in response to “attacks on civilians” conducted by the Israeli army.

On October 7, the Hamas group launched a series of rockets and launched a coordinated attack by land, air and sea on Israel. Israeli officials then launched a retaliatory campaign, air strikes, blockade and blocking of food supplies, fuel and necessities in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas has called on all Palestinians to “take up arms and fight” and asked Muslim organizations and Arab countries in the region for support.

The Hamas-Israel clash left about 1,400 people in Israel dead and 3,500 injured. In the Gaza Strip, more than 2,800 people were killed and nearly 11,000 injured.