In response to the attack, Israel declared war, initiating “Operation Iron Swords.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly condemned the violent attack carried out by Hamas terrorists in southern Israel.

In the attack by Islamist hordes, which took place on Saturday, more than 1,300 people were killed, including children and the elderly, and more than 100 were kidnapped.

In a late-night address to the nation, Prime Minister Netanyahu equated the actions of Hamas with those of the terrorist group ISIS.

“Hamas is ISIS, and we will destroy it like the world destroyed ISIS,” he said. These statements took place during a press conference in which Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and former Defense Minister Benny Gantz, leader of the National Unity party, also participated.

Netanyahu described in detail the brutal acts carried out by the terrorists. “We have seen tied children shot in the head, people burned when they were still alive, and young women raped,” he explained. The prime minister also emphasized the pain and shock the attack has caused across the country, noting that “every family in Israel knows someone from the massacre.”

In response to the attack, Israel declared war, initiating “Operation Iron Swords.” Gallant noted that Jews had not suffered an attack of this magnitude since the Holocaust and highlighted the courage shown by civilians, soldiers and police during the crisis. He reiterated Israel‘s determination to eliminate Hamas, stating that the murder of children cannot be ignored.

For his part, Benny Gantz described the situation as “woeful days” for Israel and expressed his solidarity with all affected citizens. “The nation of Israel is the strongest in the region,” he said, highlighting the unity that prevails in the country.

Regarding the new emergency unity government, Gantz clarified that it did not arise from a “political association” but from “a shared destiny,” underscoring the need to respond firmly on the battlefield.