The Ministry of Health has published alarming figures: 1,590 people are being treated in hospitals due to injuries.

The terrorist group Hamas has launched a devastating attack against Israel, causing more than 300 deaths and generating international concern.

Summary of victims and post-attack situations

According to Hebrew media sources, the number of deaths from the  Hamas attack now exceeds 300 people. The authorities indicate that this number could increase as the hours go by.

There are reports that dozens of civilians, as well as IDF soldiers, have been captured and taken to  Gaza. Hamas suggests they have more hostages than Israel has identified so far.

In an attempt to defend itself, the  IDF  has reported that it eliminated seven  Hamas members who were attempting to enter Israel via Zikim  Beach. This action prevented the attackers from reaching nearby Israeli communities.

Reactions from the army and update from the Ministry of Health

The armed forces have mentioned that they carried out operations against three towns in  Gaza used by Hamas. The aim is to mitigate the threat and respond to the attack.

The  Ministry of Health has published alarming figures: 1,590 people are being treated in hospitals due to injuries. At 11:30 p.m., 19 were in critical condition, 293 in serious condition, 315 in moderate condition, and 715 in mild condition. Additionally, 20 people are being treated for severe anxiety, and 181 are still being evaluated.

Nepalese students were affected and lost in the IDF.

Hamas attack in Israel
Colonel Jonathan Steinberg, commander of the Nahal Brigade, in an undated photo (Israel Defense Forces)

The Hamas attack has also affected foreigners. Eleven Nepalese students studying agriculture in Israel were injured. Two of them are in serious condition. The   Nepalese  Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed this fact, and the Nepalese ambassador to  Israel told  CNN the details of the incident.

Media such as  Hindustani Times and  India Today have reported that some of these students could be among the hostages captured by Hamas, although these reports have not been officially confirmed.

In another tragic twist, the commander of the Nahal Infantry Brigade, Colonel  Jonathan Steinberg, lost his life during clashes with Hamas near the  Gaza border. At 42 years old and from the city of  Shomria, Steinberg is one of the highest-ranking officers to die in combat recently.