German Leopard 2 main battle tanks have arrived in Ukraine.

On Monday, German news magazine Der Spiegel reported that all 18 Leopard 2 main combat tanks promised to Ukraine in its war against Russia had arrived in Ukraine. On Monday, a security source confirmed that this was really the case.

Germany agreed in January to supply the tanks, considered among the best in the Western arsenal, overcoming misgivings about the shipment of heavy weapons that Kyiv considers crucial to defeating the Russian invasion but Moscow dismisses as a dangerous provocation.

In addition to the 18 main battle tanks, the security official confirmed the arrival of 40 German Marder infantry fighting vehicles and two armored recovery vehicles.

According to sources cited by Der Spiegel, “a large package” of weapons and spare parts has also been included in the delivery.

Earlier, on March 24, Germany delivered three Dachs engineering vehicles for the first time, as well as additional MG3 machine guns and drone detection systems.

In its weekly update, the German government has reported that it has sent Ukraine a further 70 MG3 machine guns for Leopard tanks, Marder vehicles, and Dachs, bringing the total number to 100.

The German army trained Ukrainian tank crews and troops tasked with driving Marder vehicles for several weeks at the training camps in Muenster and Bergen in northern Germany.

In addition to the German vehicles, three Leopard tanks donated by Portugal also arrived in Ukraine, according to the same security source. From January 1, 2022, to March 20, 2023, Germany provided Ukraine with about 2.7 billion euros ($2.9 billion) in military aid, according to the German government.