A young popular Afghani General Sami Sadat is giving Taliban fight of their lives

Sami Sadat

Afghan forces continue to battle with Taliban to protect its sovereignty. Taliban has made 60 thousand families homeless. They are struggling for day to day lives. 

At Laskar Gah, A 36 yr old Afghan Army general Sami Sadat has been Giving the Taliban a very tough competition. He is fighting taliban to keep them out of Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan. People are seeing him as a ray of hope. 

As Taliban using social media to share pictures of surrendering Afghan soldiers and capturing the towns. Sami Sadat is doing the same with social media tools by sharing the meetings with locals and. With his 20000 soldiers of 215th Corps in his command has. The Afghan army has announced that soon he will be promoted to lead the Country’s special forces. 

Taliban is Capturing city by city. Cruelty has become their daily thing. They are forcing innocent girls to marry their militants. They are killing for not following their command.

But still, Sami Sadat has hope that they will defeat the Taliban. He says, ‘I know we will win in the end.’ Sadat said that I know that this is our Country. A former colleague has stated that Sami Sadat is good at strategy. He knows What he is doing. Sadat has graduated from king’s College in London And started his army career in the interior ministry of Afghanistan.

Sami Sadat’s Former Training: 

Sami has been trained in UK, Poland, Germany, and The USA. 

He has worked in the spy agency of Afghanistan. Along with him, Friends and family have always been the target of the Taliban. Lashkar Gah will defeat them.