The French Navy has successfully tested MBDA  ‘s  Exocet MM40 B3c missile from the frigate  Alsace off the coast of the  DGA EM of Ile du Levant.

Exocet MM40 B3c launch details

The event took place on September 20, 2023. The  Exocet MM40 B3c  represents the latest generation of anti-ship missiles in the  Exocet family. Designed to be integrated into various platforms such as surface ships,  submarines, and helicopters, previous variants of this missile are already in service of numerous global navies.

Eric Béranger, leader of  MBDA, expressed his satisfaction with the test’s success and thanked both the  DGA  and the French Navy for their collaboration in this project.

Since its creation, the  Exocet has been a benchmark in anti-ship missiles. The B3c version incorporates continuous improvements and features advanced search technology and algorithms developed to meet the modern challenges of maritime warfare.

History and evolution of the Exocet missile

The origin of Exocet dates back to 1967 when the  Nord company began its development. Over time, business mergers led to the missile’s current design, which was inspired by the  Nord AS-30 tactical air-to-ground missile.

MBDA  has continued the evolution of the Exocet, allowing it to adapt to changing battle scenarios without losing its effectiveness in any weather conditions. The  Exocet MM40 B3c is MBDA  ‘s response to contemporary threats, especially in areas with high electronic warfare.

MBDA: Leader in weapons systems

MBDA  stands out as a leading European conglomerate in weapons systems, with more than 14,000 employees and a presence in several European countries. Its mission is to support the sovereignty of nations such as  France,  Germany,  Italy,  Spain and the  United Kingdom.

It is jointly owned by  Airbus (37.5%) BAE Systems (37.5%)  and  Leonardo (25%). Although it is a pan-European entity, it has maintained national divisions since its founding. Over the years, it has incorporated assets from different companies, reaffirming itself as a benchmark in manufacturing precision weapons.

MBDA currently collaborates with more than 90 armed forces worldwide and maintains several subsidiaries, including one in the  United States.