How Powerful Are the Features of MD Helicopter's TH530/AH530 Series?

MD Helicopter’s has presented its TH530/AH530 series of military helicopters, standing out for its versatility and combat-proven capability.

These helicopters offer an agile and powerful response to changing combat scenarios and can quickly adapt from a training configuration to a full weapons system. With class-leading speed, maneuverability and adaptability, these helicopters can operate effectively even in high-density environments.

The AH-530, a prominent member of this series, is distinguished by its five-bladed structure and single-pilot capacity, making it a highly maneuverable and versatile aircraft. Its hydraulic-free design reduces the risk of failure and optimizes operating costs.

MD Helicopters’ TH530 /AH530 series represents the cutting edge of modern military aviation, offering adaptability, reliability and mission versatility to address the complex challenges facing today’s armed forces.

TH530 training helicopter

How Powerful Are the Features of MD Helicopter's TH530/AH530 Series?

The TH530, on the other hand, is presented as an ideal training version, equipped with a military interior and a  Garmin glass cockpit for transferring skills directly to the AH530. This aircraft is also prepared to be upgraded to the AH-530 model.

MD Helicopters ‘ innovative helicopter series is ready to meet the demands of modern military operations.

Equipment of the MD 530 Plus commercial aircraft:

  • Heavy landing gear
  • Military cyclic with rocket thumb switch
  • Power setting
  • Mission Configurable Weapon System (MCAS) Structural Kit A
  • EO/IR nose mounting provisions
  • military interior
  • Weight On Ground (WOG) Switch
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
  • GTX 345 Transponder
  • Control to the right
  • Dual boot capability
  • 2 Northern Airborne Technology N301 Audio Control Panels
  • Expandability
  • Optional iron on training aircraft
  • AH530 Light Attack Scout Helicopter

AH530 Light Attack Scout Helicopter

The AH530 Light Attack Scout is delivered mission-ready with all weapons systems installed. Transportable on the C-17 Globemaster, the aircraft can go from arriving in the country to being 100% lethal in just 24 hours.

All TH530 equipment plus:

  • Ballistics Tolerant Shock Fuel System (BTCWFS)
  • Radio Rhode & Schwarz
  • Cabin shield
  • M4 brackets
  • 4-Station Mission Configurable Aircraft System (MCAS) Kit B
  • Integrated 3-station Weapons Management System (WMS)
  • 2 Rocket Gun Units (GRU)
  • 1 Weapons Control Panel (WCP)
  • Bullet status display
  • Provisions for 4 shooting stations
  • Weapon Override Switch
  • Options for NVG, avionics upgrade and comfort packages
  • Expandability
  • AH530 Block II Light Attack Scout

AH530 Block II Light Attack Scout

The AH530 Block II enhances precision weapons capability to increase lethality and deliverability. Advanced additions to the fuselage of this model facilitate precision aiming and payload delivery:

  • L3 Wescam MX-10D, Airborne Targeting and Designation System
  • Aircraft recording system (cockpit voice, radio and video calls)
  • 2 folding tactical screens for the MX-10 sensor
  • Advanced Integrated Weapons Management System
  • 2 Cannon Rocket Units
  • 1 Weapon Control Panel
  • 1 Enhanced Warehouse Management Computer (E-SMC)
  • 1 Laser Arm Panel (LAR)
  • Windows software for tactical displays
  • Mission Management System (MMS), Guns and Rockets (GNR) and Laser Guided Rockets (LGR)
  • (GNR) and laser-guided rockets (LGR) for E-SMC
  • Advanced Precision Weapons System (APKWS)
  • Hellfire air-to-ground missile system.
  • Moog Weapon System
  • cabin bulkhead
  • Advanced Design Door Fairing
  • 10-inch Macro Blue Monitor
  • Expandability
  • TH530/AH530 helicopter dimensions

MD Helicopters ‘ AH530 series has proven to be the preferred choice for military operations for over a decade, maintaining an impressive 90% operational availability rate in various environments. Its versatility allows a modest fleet to carry out a wide range of missions, from training and exploration to attack, escort, interdiction and surveillance.

What further makes the AH530 series stand out is its ability to quickly adapt, allowing it to transition from a training helicopter to an efficient light attack scout and precision weapons platform.

This flexibility enhances your value proposition by ensuring you can adapt to a wide variety of operational needs. With over a decade of excellence, the AH530 series continues to be a trusted choice for military forces worldwide.

Main specifications:

  • Maximum gross weight: 3,750 LB
  • Payload (internal) 1,199 LB
  • Maximum cruising speed: 110 KT
  • Maximum operating altitude: 16,000 FT
  • Maximum range: 235 NM