F-15EX Fighter: A Hypersonic Fighter-Bomber?

The F-15EX bursts onto the aeronautical scene as an advanced “4th generation-plus” aircraft, complementing the stealthy 5th generation F-35s on key missions. Despite being a 4th generation airframe, it has undergone numerous improvements since the 1980s.

Acquisition of the F-15EX

The US Air Force is acquiring several F-15EXs, although the exact number and size of the intended fleet are still unclear. Development of the F-15EX was driven in part by the need to reduce costs relative to 5th and 6th-generation aircraft.

The F-15EX acquisition program has generated some debate due to the budgetary and strategic implications of investing in 4th generation aircraft instead of focusing on more advanced aircraft.

F-15EX Fighter: A Hypersonic Fighter-Bomber?

The primary goal of the F-15EX acquisition is to complement the 5th generation stealth fighters in missions that do not necessarily require the stealth capabilities and cutting-edge technologies offered by these aircraft.

Technological Improvements of The F-15EX

The F-15EX incorporates new technologies such as electronic warfare systems, AESA radar, high-speed computer processing, and the ability to fire state-of-the-art weapons. It is designed for high-risk missions that do not require 5th or 6th-generation aircraft.

These enhancements make the F-15EX much more effective than any other 4th generation aircraft and position it as a versatile and powerful platform for dealing with different types of threats on the battlefield.

Despite the improvements built into the F-15EX, some experts argue that a lack of stealth could limit its effectiveness in combat environments dominated by adversaries with 5th-generation capabilities.

Debate on Poaching

Some question the viability of the non-stealthy F-15EX against soon-to-be 5th-generation stealthy fighter adversaries. The threat posed by Russia and China could require the United States and its allies to deploy more networked F-35 fighters and new 6th-generation aircraft.

The F-15EX’s lack of stealth could be a risk factor in combat environments where state-of-the-art Russian and Chinese air defenses could jeopardize its survival.


On the other hand, some experts argue that the F-15EX’s combination of capabilities and technological enhancements could make up for its lack of stealth, allowing it to successfully engage 4th-gen adversaries and even challenge 5th-gen fighters in certain areas. Circumstances.

Hypersonic and support capabilities

The F-15EX can fire hypersonic weapons, reach Mach 2.5, and operate on one of the fastest computer processors ever installed in a combat aircraft. These features make it a powerful and versatile attack platform.

While it is not yet clear to what extent the F-15EX could rival the Chinese J-20 or Russian Su-57, it appears to be well-positioned to take on Russian and Chinese 4th generation fighters, of which there are numerous.

The F-15 has recently set records in terms of the amount of tonnage it can carry in combat, which could make it a “weapons truck” to support 5th-generation aircraft on the front lines.


The F-15EX is billed as a “4th generation-plus” aircraft that complements 5th generation stealth fighters in key missions.¬†

Despite concerns about its lack of stealth and debate about the feasibility of investing in 4th-generation aircraft, the F-15EX offers advanced technological capabilities and enhanced performance that could allow it to play a significant role on the battlefield alongside its more modern and stealthy counterparts.