Excalibur missile destroyer annihilates Putin's army in Ukraine

In the war scenario in Ukraine , recent images from the battlefield reveal a devastating attack carried out with a projectile called “Excalibur,” which has annihilated the Russian military forces. These events show that the situation in Ukraine is becoming increasingly bloody and complicated for Moscow.

The Excalibur projectile and its devastating effect

The “Excalibur” projectile has become a powerful weapon the Ukrainian armed forces used to engage the Russian army in Ukraine. Manufactured in a joint project by BAE Systems and Raytheon, this long-range guided artillery shell has proven to be a valuable addition to the Ukrainian arsenal since the United States extended its support to the country in 2022.

With high-precision GPS guidance systems, the Excalibur projectile is considered one of the most advanced and accurate in the world. Its range can reach up to 65 kilometers, according to US tests. These characteristics make it a lethal tool for Ukrainian forces and a clear threat to the Russian military in the conflict in Ukraine.

The Role of Western Weapons in Ukraine

Social networks continue to reveal the bloody reality of the war in Ukraine, revealing how the armed forces led by Vladimir Putin suffered strong attacks thanks to weapons of American and Western origin. In this regard, the available evidence indicates that circumstances will only worsen for the Russian military as the conflict drags on.

The delivery of Western weapons, including the Excalibur projectile, has strengthened the Ukrainian military’s combat capability and given local forces a significant tactical advantage in their confrontation with Russia. These modern and highly accurate weapons have proven effective on the battlefield, undermining Putin’s army positions and accentuating the bloody nature of the war in the region.

The destruction of Russian self-propelled howitzers

Recently, images have been spread on social networks capturing the moment when Ukrainian military forces shot down two Russian self-propelled howitzers. These shells were parked behind some trees on the side of a dirt road. The fatal outcome of these war vehicles occurred as a result of the impact of an Excalibur projectile, whose images reveal several consecutive impacts on both vehicles, located one behind the other.

The Twitter account called «Ukraine Weapons Tracker,» dedicated to monitoring the development of the conflict in Ukraine, highlights how these two projectiles fell practically at the same point, causing the immediate destruction of the Russian 2S19 Msta-S 152 mm self-propelled howitzers. According to the above account, the Ukrainian army used M982 Excalibur 155mm high-precision rounds in this deadly operation.

Characteristics and manufacture of the M982 Excalibur

The M982 Excalibur is a long-range guided artillery shell manufactured by BAE Systems and Raytheon in a joint project. This ammunition has been designed with the highest technology to ensure exceptional precision on the battlefield. Equipped with GPS guidance systems, the Excalibur can hit its target with great accuracy, no matter how far it has to travel.

According to BAE Systems, one of the most notable features of Excalibur is its ability to maintain accuracy even over long distances. With a Circular Error Probability of less than 10 meters, this projectile can hit the designated target with pinpoint accuracy. This characteristic makes it an invaluable strategic tool in the conflict in Ukraine.

The Effectiveness of Excalibur in the Ukrainian Conflict

According to a report published in April this year, more than 3,000 Excalibur shells have been shipped to Ukraine to date, drawing praise from Ukrainian military officials. Ukrainian Army General Valeriy Zaluzhny shared a video on his Facebook page showing Excalibur shells in action. In the said recording, a Ukrainian soldier praises the effectiveness of these American projectiles, highlighting their importance in carrying out fast and precise attacks against Russian positions, especially in the elimination of enemy equipment.

Excalibur’s superiority on the battlefield has become apparent as the conflict has unfolded. His ability to precisely hit distant targets has allowed Ukrainian forces to inflict significant damage on the Russian army. The delivery of these shells has been a key factor in the balance of power in the conflict in Ukraine.


In short, the new images coming from Ukraine offer a shocking insight into how the Excalibur projectile has played a pivotal role in the military confrontation between Ukraine and Russia. With its high precision and long range, this US munition has become a lethal tool for Ukrainian forces, undermining Putin’s army positions and accentuating the bloody nature of the war in the region.

The effectiveness of the Excalibur projectile has changed the landscape of the conflict in Ukraine and has demonstrated the importance of having modern and accurate weapons on the battlefield. As the conflict continues, the Ukrainian forces will likely continue to use Excalibur and other Western weapons to maintain their tactical advantage over the Russian army.