Does Pakistan Navy Only Have 2 Active Submarines?
Does Pakistan Navy Only Have 2 Active Submarines? Yes, only two submarines from Pakistan are currently on active duty. Pakistan’s submarine fleet consists of two classes.

Agosta 70 (Hasmat class ) and Agosta 90B ( Khalid class)

Agosta 90B class submarines are an improved version of Agosta 70. Agosta 90B has a modern system with a longer endurance, It has deeper diving capabilities, lower acoustic signatures, and a better control system than Agosta 90B. 

Hashmat Class Submarine 

Does Pakistan Navy Only Have 2 Active Submarines?

Hasmat class submarine, also called Agosta 70, has two submarines: PNS Hashmat ( s135) and PNS Hurmat (s136).

 Khalid Class Submarine 

Does Pakistan Navy Only Have 2 Active Submarines?

Meanwhile, the Khalid class, sometimes called the Agosta 90 class, has three submarines. PNS Khali (s137), PNS Saad (s138), and PNS Hamza (s139)

Three out of these five submarines are either being upgraded or have some defects. PNS Huramt of Agosta 70 class was built in the 1980s. This one has a dodgy starboard engine. The right side of a moving ship is called starboard, and the left side is called Port. PNS Huramt has a defect in its Electronic warfare measures system, making it technically blind and non-operational.

The second sub-PNS Saad, An Agosta 90B type submarine, is currently in the Dry dock for refitting and maintenance Since April. Turkish Firm SKM has the contract to refit and modernize it. 

Among the changes being done in this submarine, the first major change is to make it capable of using SeaHake Torpedoes. Developed by Atlas Elektronik, sea hake torpedoes can be launched by submarines and the surface ship. With a speed of 50kt, it has a range of 50 km.

The second significant change is to enable this ship to use Babur 3 submarine-launched cruise missiles. Babur 3 missile is a medium-range subsonic cruise missile that can be launched from land and underwater. With a maximum speed of 990km/hr, It has an operational range of 450km. These two changes make this vessel ineffective for now. China has not yet delivered the eight submarines as promised, which leaves Pakistan with only two active submarines. 

Other Parts of the Pakistan Naval Force

As of now, Pakistan is not just suffering only in the submarine, but other parts of the navy are also facing problems. Three major warships are having some issues. 

Pakistan Navy has two destroyers, PNS Tariq (F-181) and PNS Khaibar (F-183). The latter has too much vibration that needs attention. Two of the four Chinese-originated frigates, PNS Saif and the PNS Zulfiqar, do not have enough defense capability as the Chinese-made FM90 surface-to-air missile is not functional in these ships. PNS Zulfiqar is having a Radar problem. 

PNS Azamat, the fast attack missile boat, is also having a radar problem. Another missile boat has trouble with its electronic warfare support measure system. A large part of the defense budget goes to the Pakistan Army and Air Force, which is why the allocated budget of the Pakistan Navy is less.