Do you Know These 9 largest Aircraft Ever Built ?

The aviation industry is fascinating. Aircraft are the marvelous machines in this world. Globalization would never have progressed this far without the aircraft. Civilian transportation, cargo transportation, and fighter jet aircraft have always played a vital role in our world.

More than a century after the Wright brothers built the first successful airplane, humans are still making the ultimate flying machine. Whether it’s speed or size, the development continues.

So, as an aviation enthusiast, Do you Know These 9 largest Aircraft Ever Built?

9. Airbus A330-300t

For a long time, this big boy was best known as the counterpart to the Boeing 747, which you will meet later on. The Airbus A330-300 is a wide-body airliner. European manufacturer Airbus put this aircraft into production in 1993. Four engines of Airbus A340 happen to be together in the production also, which has the same Fuselage and wings

Do you Know These 9 largest Aircraft Ever Built ?

The Airbus A330 is an improvement of the Airbus A300. It has a longer Fuselage (5.64 meters), winglets, and more fuel-efficient (Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, or General Electric) engines than its predecessor, Making the A330 a lot more modern.

Airbus A300 is 63.69 meters long and 60.3 meters wide; this machine can carry between 295 and 436 passengers per flight, depending on the type and number of classes. This quality makes the Airbus A330 still a popular airline.

8. Boeing 747

It is perhaps the most prototypical passenger and cargo aircraft in history. Having a vast body makes it capable of carrying two and half times as many passengers as its predecessor.

Do you Know These 9 largest Aircraft Ever Built ?

It’s not for nothing that this aircraft was given the nickname ‘Jumbojet.’ The Boeing 747 is, therefore, the first ‘wide-body.’ At the time, it could carry two and a half times as many passengers as its predecessor, the Boeing 70. Until the arrival of the Airbus A380 in 2007, the jumbo jet remained the largest passenger airliner globally since the start of commercial flights in 1970.

This beast can handle between 366 and 524 passengers per flight. It is 70.6 meters long and has a 59.6 and 68.5 meters wingspan. Besides the regular ones, some unique versions of the jumbo jet are available, like shuttle traffic at NASA. The most famous jumbo jet is the USA’s president’s aircraft, Air Force One.

7. Airbus A340-600

Airbus A340-600 was assembled in Toulouse at the request of Air France and Lufthansa. In March 1993, they were the first to put the aircraft into service. Capable of carrying 375 passengers in the standard variants and 440 in the stretched, the 600 series has a length between 59.39 and 75.30 meters. The plane has a wingspan between 60.30 and 63.45 meters.

Do you Know These 9 largest Aircraft Ever Built ?

Airbus A340-600 ranges between 6,700 and 9,000 air miles (or between 12,400 and 17,000 kilometers). Its vast body and four engines make the Airbus 340 an extremely suitable long-haul aircraft, ideal for commercial passenger flights.

The design of the Airbus A340 is similar to the Airbus 330. Both aircraft were developed simultaneously. However, the A340 is a jet engine with a high-bypass turbofan and a three-bogie main landing gear.

6. Boeing 777-300ER

The Boeing 777 entered service in 1994. It is mainly used by Emirates, United Airways, Air France, and Singapore Airlines. The aircraft can carry between 305 and 550 passengers per flight. Its colleague, the Boeing 777-200LR Wordliner, even holds the record for the longest non-stop long-haul flight.

Do you Know These 9 largest Aircraft Ever Built ?

What is unique about the Boeing 777-300ER is that its increased fuel capacity makes it possible to bridge long distances. It’s so economical that many airlines prioritize the Boeing 300ER priority over the Boeing 747-400. In May 2011, the 300th Boeing 777-300ER was delivered to Biman, Bangladesh.

5. C-5 Galaxy

A special case is the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy. In terms of volume and transport capacity, this aircraft is undoubtedly one of the largest. However, it is not a typical passenger aircraft but a military transport aircraft. The C-5 Galaxy is the largest American aircraft in the world. It is also a very exclusive aircraft currently serving the US Air Force.

Do you Know These 9 largest Aircraft Ever Built ?
C-5M Galaxy at Prestwick Airport in Scotland

The first C-5 Galaxy was delivered on December 17, 1969, against the backdrop of the Cold War and the Vietnam War. The first test flight of the C-5 Galaxy dates on June 30, 1968. the US Air Force mainly uses the Galaxy to transport large payloads.
C-5 Galaxy

Typical for the aircraft is the possibility that it offers to land at full speed and, if necessary, take off immediately without developing additional speed first. This is, of course, handy in a war zone, even if it eats up energy and tires. Tragically, the C-5 Galaxy is known for a fateful crash that killed one of its planes in Saigon on April 4, 1975, during a painfully botched rescue of war orphans.

4. Antonov An-124

The Soviet counterpart of the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy is this Antonov An-124, better known in NATO as ‘Condor .’The An-124 is of Ukrainian origin and is mainly used to transport goods. Occasionally, however, it is also used for passenger transport (for example, army troops).

Do you Know These 9 largest Aircraft Ever Built ?

The An-124 is the smaller version of the Antonov An-225, which will be discussed below. The characteristic of the plane is the fold-out nose and the large tailgate. They make it possible to embark on large loads from either side of the aircraft.

For example, An-124 once transported a 9-ton train locomotive and brought – in three flights – the well-known 160-ton Obelisk from Aksum back to Ethiopia. The device also made sensational appearances in the James Bond film Die Another Day and the music video for Estranged by Guns ‘n’ Roses.

3. Airbus A380-800F

This is it: the largest wide-body passenger aircraft in the world. The Airbus A380-800F can handle 555 passengers per flight based on size and volume. At most, the aircraft can even carry a vast 853 passengers. To create this amount of space, the Airbus A380-800F has two floors.

Do you Know These 9 largest Aircraft Ever Built ?

This Mother of all commercial planes began developing in the early 1990s.
This was when it became famous as a “Megaliner.” it took its first test flight on April 27, 2005. On October 25, 2007, the aircraft was subsequently commercially christened during a Singapore Airlines flight between Singapore and Sydney.

2. Hughes H-4 Hercules

This mastodon – designed and built by the Hughes Aircraft Company – is virtually the prototype of all transport aircraft.

Do you Know These 9 largest Aircraft Ever Built ?

The development of the ‘Spruce Goose’ started as early as 1942. the aircraft had to meet the demand of the American army to transport war material and personnel to Great Britain without constantly arguing losses to the dreaded German U-boat submarines.

It was prototyped during World War II, but unfortunately, it was not completed in time for use in the war. Now, it just sits in the evergreen aviation museum to be admired.

1. Antonov An-225

Yes, the biggest aircraft has ever been built: the Antonov An-225 or ‘Mriya’ (‘Dream’). Antonov An-225 has a take-off weight of 600 tons and a maximum weight of 640 tons.
The dream must give way to the Spruce Goose in terms of height and wingspan. Known to NATO by the code name ‘Cossack,’ the An-225 made its maiden flight on December 21, 1988. Since then, it has remained untouched as the largest aircraft in the world.

Do you Know These 9 largest Aircraft Ever Built ?

Initially, the An-225 was designed to transport the Buran (the Russian space shuttle). It’s also the big brother of the very successful An-124, which you have already met above. Unlike its little brother, The An-225 is an all-Russian product. Currently, there is only one Mriya in active service.


In summary, these huge airplanes have truly made their mark in aviation history. From the famous Boeing 747 to the massive Antonov An-225, each one is a testament to human innovation and hard work. Whether carrying passengers or cargo, these planes show just how amazing flying can be. They remind us that with determination, we can achieve incredible things in the world of aviation.