Deployment of US drones in Gaza

The Pentagon confirmed the use of drones in support of Israel in the framework of the war against Hamas in Gaza.

Confirmed Drone Operations in Palestinian Territory

The Pentagon, through Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, verified the use of drones in the Gaza Strip. These unmanned aircraft are part of a broader collaboration provided by the United States armed forces to Israel, which has been maintained since October 7 after the massacre carried out by Hamas in Israel.

As of October 7, drones have been instrumental in combat strategies and advising on hostage rescue missions. Flight trackers had already detected the  MQ-9 Reapers patrolling the skies over Gaza, thus marking their operational debut in this conflictive area.

Reports from the New York Times based on official US sources suggest that the intelligence collected by these drones could be shared with the Israel Defense Forces, assisting in the location and possible rescue of hostages captured by terrorists.

Impact of drones on the war between Israel and Hamas

The use of  Reaper drones by the United States has intensified in the Middle East, even facing interceptions by  Russian fighter jets in Syrian airspace. These drones have also played vital roles in previous operations, such as the elimination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in January 2020, an operation attributed to the CIA.

Despite reports of a contingent of 5,000 American troops sent to the area, the United States denied such a deployment, confirming only the assistance of officers experienced in counterinsurgency tactics and urban combat to support Israeli forces.

Additionally, according to Douglas MacGregor, a retired US Army colonel, special forces from both countries suffered significant casualties in a joint operation in Gaza, seeking to free hostages and exert a strategic impact in the region.

US Involvement and International Responses

Hamas spokesman Ali Barakeh expressed astonishment at the level of  US involvement in the conflict, indicating an unexpected increase in the American military presence. This increase includes the expansion of military bases in Israel, actions against Hamas allies in Syria and Iraq, and a substantial increase in troops in the area.

Additionally, the US alliance with  NATO member Turkey has seen escalating conflicts with Syria. Jihadist groups, allegedly influenced by Turkey, have escalated their offensives since the beginning of tensions between Israelis and Palestinians.

Confrontations reached a peak in May 2021 as Israel prepared to mobilize ground troops and armored vehicles into Gaza, triggering international calls for de-escalation.

Balance of the Conflict and Activated Military Defenses

Israel’s Iron Dome defense system was tested extensively, facing a hail of   Hamas missiles and rocket attacks from Syria and Lebanon. In response, Israel launched massive airstrikes against the infrastructure of Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza.

Estimates indicate that the clashes have left hundreds dead and injured on both sides, most in the Gaza Strip. US drone operations continue to be a crucial tool in Israel’s offensive and defense strategy.

The situation in the Middle East remains tense, with the eyes of the international community attentive to evolving events and the potential for further escalation.