Denel, the South African defense flagship, has recently demonstrated the advanced capabilities of the T5-52 howitzer in tests conducted at Alkantpan.

Denel Ballistics Exhibition: Advances and Collaborations

Between 15 and 17 August 2023, in Copperton, North Cape, Denel held a technical exhibition focusing on its artillery and defense systems. This event not only underscored Denel‘s revitalization but also established its global dominance in artillery and defense technology.

Denel’s 52 high-caliber ballistic systems, particularly the T5 and the  Seeker 400 UAV, were brought into focus. However, the T5-52 155mm artillery system stood out, with a range exceeding 60 km, showing its accuracy and operational effectiveness.

The tactical strength and cost-effectiveness of the T5-52 establish it as an essential addition to the  Denel inventory.

International Participation and Strategic Collaborations

Delegations from ten nations were invited to the event, with eight of them actively participating. Leading the local delegation was Deputy Minister Obed Bapela. Various key actors in defense and collaborators from the sector were present.

The synergy with Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM) was palpable, showing high-quality artillery ammunition. Denel Land Systems provided the T5-52 artillery howitzer, while other advanced technologies were also showcased.

Impressive Demonstrations and Technical Deployments

Denel Dynamics introduced the  Seeker 400, demonstrating real-time capabilities. The T5-52, however, stole the show with displays of precision and advanced tactical capabilities, including rapid action maneuvers.

The third day stood out with the firing of three VLAP projectiles. Despite adverse conditions, the projectiles demonstrated impressive range, underlining the superiority of the T5-52 and RDM Assegai ammunition.

Reactions and Future Projections

Deputy Minister Bapela enthusiastically highlighted the government’s support for  Denel. Likewise, the reception from international delegates was extremely positive, showing interest in alliances with Denel.

Armscor’s Fundiswa Skweyiya-Gushu highlighted the potential for collaboration between Denel and Armscor, particularly towards SANDF programs.