Clashes with Hezbollah: six Israelis injured
Israeli forces launch artillery fire into southern Lebanon from the border area in northern Israel on October 9, 2023, following mortar fire and an infiltration attempt from Lebanon. (Photo by Jalaa MAREY / AFP)

Six Israelis were injured in the clashes, one of them in critical condition and another in serious condition. They managed to eliminate a Hezbollah terrorist.

The situation has become tense after a major attack by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

According to the IDF statement, two mortars were fired into northern Israel on Monday afternoon, triggering a response from Israeli troops. Several gunmen infiltrated Israeli territory from Lebanon, and in the resulting confrontation, casualties were reported on both sides. Six Israelis were injured in the clashes, one of them in critical condition and another in serious condition. Additionally, a Hezbollah member was reported killed in IDF retaliation.

The Palestinian terrorist group Islamic Jihad, based in the Gaza Strip, has claimed responsibility for the armed infiltration, arguing that it is part of the ongoing war between Israel and terrorist groups in Gaza.

In the face of growing tension, the Home Front Military Command has ordered residents of 28 towns in northern Israel to take refuge in anti-aircraft zones until further notice.

The clashes took place near the Israeli Bedouin town of Arab al-Aramshe, in the north of the country, and the Lebanese town of Dhayra. The IDF reported that it had detected several armed men infiltrating the country and subsequently confirmed casualties in the ranks of the infiltrators.

The Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya admitted six people wounded in the clashes, with varying degrees of severity, although the IDF has not yet officially confirmed the victims.

In response to the escalation, the IDF carried out airstrikes and bombed targets in the area. Explosions and gunfire have been reported in the region, and a Hezbollah observation post was reportedly one of the targets.

UN peacekeepers in Lebanon detected explosions near Al-Boustan in southwestern Lebanon and are working to obtain more information about the situation. UNIFIL Chief and Force Commander Major General Lázaro has urged the parties involved to exercise restraint and use liaison and coordination mechanisms to avoid further escalation and loss of life.