China vs. USA: Can USA's Ferocious Might Crush China's Defense?

Under the current international situation, the relationship between China and the United States has attracted much attention. Some foreign media once claimed, “Once China and the United States go to war, China will not be able to sustain it for an hour!” Such remarks have aroused extensive discussions and controversies.

So, is this statement really tenable? This article will analyze this issue from multiple angles in order to bring readers a clearer understanding.

National Strength and Military Capabilities

Both China and the United States are among the most powerful economies in the world, and they are also major countries with considerable strength. However, in terms of military strength, there is still a certain gap between China and the United States.

According to the “2021 Global Firepower Ranking”, the US military ranks first, and China ranks third. Moreover, the United States still has an advantage in many key areas, such as air force, navy, and missile defense.

China vs. USA: Can USA's Ferocious Might Crush China's Defense?

However, it is a bit far-fetched to use these data to draw the conclusion that “Once China and the United States go to war, China will not be able to last even an hour” because war is not only a comparison of military power but also includes political, economic, social and other factors.

Moreover, in modern warfare, the enemy the military faces is no longer an isolated country but an opponent under globalization, and global political and economic stability needs to be considered.

In addition, the modernization of the Chinese military is also ongoing. The Chinese military has gradually researched, developed, and procured modern equipment and demonstrated its strength in peacekeeping, anti-terrorism, and overseas escort tasks.

Even if there is a gap in military strength between China and the United States, this does not mean that a war between China and the United States will inevitably break out, nor does it mean that China cannot resist the attack of the United States in a war.

In modern warfare, applying various advanced technologies and tactics has become increasingly important, and China has strengthened its own research and development and strength in this regard.

Therefore, no one can rashly say that “China can’t last even an hour.” Such remarks lack factual basis and tend to cause unnecessary tension and hurt the relationship between China and the United States.

China’s land and people

China is one of the largest developing countries in the world, with a huge population and vast territory. This not only gives China a strong international influence but also gives China a strong resistance to external threats.

Even if there is a war between China and the United States, China’s land and people will not be easily defeated. With a land area of ​​9.6 million square kilometers, China is the third largest country in the world. 

China has a complex topography, including the Great Wall, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the Inner Mongolia Plateau, and the Xinjiang Desert. It is a country with a vast territory and a wide variety.

In war, these terrain factors have a certain defensive effect on the Chinese army and can provide certain concealment and cover.

At the same time, China has a large population, which has reached 1.4 billion at present. This also provides China with sufficient human resources to support a large army in war. Although these factors cannot guarantee that China will not suffer losses, they can provide China with a certain degree of resistance and reduce the losses caused by the war.

Military Strategy and Diplomacy

Military strategy and diplomatic means are also important factors in measuring a country’s military strength. China emphasizes defensiveness in military strategy, advocates “active defense,” and opposes launching aggressive wars.

In addition, China is also strengthening its army building and research and development of modern equipment. For example, China already has the largest number of land-based missiles and submarines in the world and is still developing new weapons and equipment, such as J-20 stealth fighters and aircraft carriers. These are important supports for China’s military strength.

China vs. USA: Can USA's Ferocious Might Crush China's Defense?

In terms of Diplomacy, China has always emphasized peaceful settlement of disputes and dialogue and communication and is constantly seeking cooperation and consensus with countries around the world. For example, China has played an important role in actively participating in UN peacekeeping operations and international security cooperation.

China also advocates the establishment of a new type of international relations, that is, establishing a more just and reasonable international order to achieve common development and prosperity for all countries.

Especially under the current international situation, peaceful development has become the general consensus of the international community, and cooperation and mutual benefit among countries have become more and more important.

In this context, China is actively playing a constructive role, contributing to regional and global development by promoting the “Belt and Road” and other initiatives.

Generally speaking, in terms of military strength and diplomatic means, China has already possessed strong comprehensive strength and will continue to be committed to promoting the development of global peace and stability.


To sum up, although there is still a gap between China and the United States in terms of military strength, China has a strong land and people adhere to a defensive military strategy and the concept of peaceful development of Diplomacy, and is also strengthening its military construction and modern equipment research and development, participating in International affairs and advocate the establishment of a more just and reasonable international order.

Therefore, it is obviously one-sided and exaggerated to say, “Once China and the United States go to war, China will not be able to last even an hour.”

In the context of the current world, the concept of emphasizing peaceful development and win-win cooperation has become a global consensus, and the role of military power in international affairs is increasingly restricted.

Therefore, resolving differences and conflicts through peaceful means and maintaining the peace and stability of the international community is the direction that all countries should work together.