The VT5U Tank

The VT5U Tank 

Unmanned vehicles will be the ones to fight with on the future battlefield. The war in Ukraine is the best proof that this is true. China has made a lot of good unmanned aerial vehicles over the years, and it looks like tanks will also become unmanned vehicles.

rumor is that the Chinese military is testing a main battle tank that can be controlled from a distance to ensure that the crew will be safe. The VT5U unmanned light tank was made public at AirShow China 2022.

The tank’s name, “VT5U,” sounds like “VT5 Unmanned,” which is said to be able to run without a person inside it and be controlled from a distance using a portable console or a drone.

The new tank is the same as the standard VT5, which came out in November 2016. With anti-tank weapons that are well-made and can take out most modern armored vehicles, the development of an unmanned control system is expected to make a big difference in how many tank crew members get hurt.

VT5U has the same design and weapons as the first VT5, with a crew of three. The gunner and commander are in the turret, while the driver sits in the front center of the hull.

The weapons include a 105mm rifled gun with a thermal sleeve and a fume extractor that can fire up to 3,000m away. Along with that, it has a system that automatically reloads.

the VT5U

APFSDS, HEAT, and HE rounds, as well as gun-launched ATGM, are all available. When facing enemy armor, APFSDS and HEAT rounds are used, while HE rounds are employed when engaging infantry positions, light-armored vehicles, structures, or field fortifications.

The APFSDS can fire projectiles that can pierce 500 mm of armored steel from 2,000 meters. In addition to the main gun, the turret is equipped with a QJT-88 5.8 mm coaxial machine gun, a QJC-88 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, and a QLZ-04 35 mm automatic grenade launcher, all of which can be commanded remotely from a weapon station situated on the roof of the turret.

The VT5U, like a modern military vehicle, has several different observation systems, including three cameras on the front of the hull and one on the back. There are four cameras, one in each turret’s four corners.

The VT5U’s ability to function fully automatically has not yet been confirmed. In truth, it seems that the turret lacks the necessary sensors and optics to allow for complete control of all shooting operations.

This innovative device excels in mobility. Its primary function is to aid in reconnaissance and infantry operations. It can function in areas heavier main battle tanks cannot, including mountainous regions, jungles, and river regions.

Paratroopers might potentially use it, too. The considerable effort to create this new tank demonstrates China’s dedication to improving its military capabilities.