China released new images of the Fujian aircraft carrier

Chinese media released a video showing three sliding rails of the electromagnetic catapult system on the Fujian aircraft carrier manufactured by this country.

ChannelChina’s CCTV released a video on January 2 showing a tugboat moving the Fujian aircraft carrier, with tugboats on both sides of the warship’s bow to stabilize the course. The Fujian warship has just completed mooring trials, which involve checking the operation of the main propulsion system when the ship is anchored in place.

The video also clearly shows the three sliding rails of the electromagnetic launch system (EMALS) on the flight deck of the Fujian ship, including two parallel sliding rails at the bow and one rail near the battleship’s left side.

At the end of the ship’s stern is a J-15 or a model of this fighter ship. China has developed and built two prototypes of the J-15T variant that supports aircraft carrier catapults.

Some Western experts believe that the J-15T could be the main fighter model on the Fujian aircraft carrier. Also, China can equip this warship with the J-35 stealth fighter, developed from the FC-31 model, and the KJ-600 command and early warning aircraft.

The Fujian aircraft carrier is considered the main focus of China’s effort to build a “blue sea” navy that can operate long-term offshore combat. The Type-003 class battleship Fujian has a displacement of about 71,000 tons, launched in June 2022, and is the second aircraft carrier built by China.

China’s first aircraft carrier is the Liaoning, converted from a heavy cruiser purchased from Ukraine. After commissioning the Liaoning in September 2012, China then used its knowledge and experience to build its first domestic aircraft carrier, Shandong and commissioned it in December 2019.

Unlike the Liaoning and Shandong aircraft carriers with old-style jumper designs, the Fujian warship is equipped with EMALS like the USS Gerald R. Ford super aircraft carrier of the American class of the same name. class of the same name. EMALS allows faster deployment of aircraft with a larger number of weapons than steam catapult systems.