China clones US kamikaze Switchblade

The focus is on China for its tests with the XS101, a kamikaze drone similar to the  US Switchblade 300.

The  XS101: An Echo of the   American Switchblade 300

The similarity between the Chinese XS101 and the American Switchblade 300  is undeniable. Both share a similar design and launch system.

AOMEI technology has played a crucial role in developing the XS101, whose precision and capabilities make it stand out in the drone field.

This new device, launched from 4,600 meters, exhibits an attack capacity with millimeter precision, reinforced by a camera in the nose for real-time surveillance.

XS101: Autonomy and Control in Tactical Operations

The  XS101 is distinguished by its autonomy in flight, capable of following pre-programmed trajectories towards specific targets without constant human guidance.

Although autonomous, the operator maintains full control, being able to modify course or abort the mission if the situation requires it, such as the presence of civilians. This autonomous navigation capability of the  XS101 underscores China’s technological advancement in the drone space.

Russia also enters the game: The  BAS-80  and its Unique Design

Russia is not far behind, replicating the American kamikaze drone with its own version, the  BAS-80, online images reveal.

The  BAS-80  features a distinctive rectangular design equipped with surveillance cameras and fins for stability and maneuvering. Its structure includes two right-angled wings, highlighting its unique design and operational capabilities.

The  Switchblade 300: A Pioneering Precision Attack UAV

The  Switchblade 300, the pioneer of these loitering munitions, is a UAV designed for precision strikes and easy portability. With a wingspan of 36 inches and a weight of 5.5 pounds, it offers maneuverability and effective carrying capacity.

Equipped with high-resolution EO/IR cameras, the Switchblade 300  enables precise attacks and real-time video transmission to the operator.

Switchblade 300 Operational and Strategic Capabilities 

The operating range of the  Switchblade 300  reaches 10 kilometers, with an endurance of 15 minutes and a maximum speed of 100 mph. Its precision strike capability, minimal collateral damage, and high maneuverability make it a strategic option in urban environments.

Featuring a remotely controlled explosive warhead, the  Switchblade 300 is an efficient tactical weapon for precision and risk-reduction missions.