The C-390 stands out for its capacity to carry 26 tons of payload, surpassing other medium-sized military cargo aircraft.

In New Delhi,  Embraer Defense & Security highlights the C-390 Millennium and its efforts in the “Make in India” and “Atmanirbhar Bharat” initiatives.

Embraer’s commitment to India

Embraer Defense & Security organized the C-390 Millennium Day in the capital of India, bringing together the main players in the aerospace and defense sector. The event highlighted Embraer’s alignment with the “Make in India” and “Atmanirbhar Bharat” initiatives, underlining the company’s will to strengthen the self-sufficiency of the Indian industry.

Earlier this year, the Indian Air Force requested information to procure a new fleet of medium transport aircraft (MTAs). Responding to this request, Embraer presented its C-390 Millennium, highlighting its advanced tactical and operational capabilities.

Introduced at  AeroIndia in February 2023, the C-390 Millennium has proven to be a vital tool for multiple missions, including cargo transport and drop, search and rescue, and humanitarian missions, operating effectively in different types of terrains.

Outstanding capabilities of the C-390 Millennium

The C-390 stands out for its capacity to transport 26 tons of payload, surpassing other medium-sized military cargo aircraft. Additionally, it can reach speeds of up to 470 knots and perform a diverse range of missions with optimal operational efficiency.

In the refueling version, it has demonstrated its ability to refuel other aircraft and receive fuel from another KC-390, being the only one in its segment capable of such an operation.

Embraer Defense and Security CEO  Bosco da Costa Junior stressed the importance of the event in strengthening the C-390 Millennium proposal for India and the Indian Air Force.

C-390 Performance Record

Since its operation with the FAB in 2019, the C-390 has accumulated more than 9,500 flight hours, proving to be a reliable and efficient tool with a mission completion rate of more than 99%.

With orders from NATO member countries such as  Portugal  and  Hungary , and being selected by the  Netherlands  in 2022, the C-390 continues to demonstrate its prominence in the global market.

Embraer already has a robust presence in India, with around 40 aircraft in operation in various areas, including defense.

Embraer Global Profile

Headquartered in Brazil,  Embraer  is a leading global aerospace company in the manufacture of aircraft for various sectors. Since its founding in 1969, it has delivered more than 8,000 aircraft, establishing itself as a benchmark in the aerospace industry.

Embraer stands out not only for its global presence, but also for its commitment to after-sales, providing services and assistance through its global network.

The company is recognized as the main manufacturer of commercial aircraft with up to 150 seats and is a significant exporter of high-value-added goods from Brazil, with presence in various regions of the world, including America, Africa, Asia and Europe.