The Russian Ministry of Defense recently announced helplessly that their only aircraft carrier, the Kuznetsov, was postponed again due to an accident. Not only will it not be able to be handed over to the Russian naval forces before 2024, but it may also even cause Russia to lose its aircraft carrier for nearly 10 years. The aircraft carrier, so what kind of problems happened to the Russian aircraft carrier, and what kind of impact will this aircraft carrier bring?

As the only aircraft carrier of the fighting nation, the Kuzenezov can be said to be full of tragedies. For example, although the Russian army has gained an advantage steadily in recent conflicts, the Russian Navy has encountered difficulties several times. The first is the Russian Black Sea. The fleet lost their strongest battleship Moskva, and then the Makarov disappeared, and recently it was the turn of the Kuznetsov.

 Originally, the aircraft carrier was undergoing major repairs, but unfortunately, this The progress of the aircraft carrier is extremely slow, and according to people familiar with the matter,

In the latest news, they discovered that the aircraft carrier had serious defects and had to postpone the maintenance period again. 

Originally, the Kuznetsov should actually be in service in 2023, but now the Russian Ministry of Defense The industrial complex claimed that the Kuznetsov can only be postponed until 2024, and according to many people if Russia abandons maintenance, it may cause Russia to have no aircraft carrier available for nearly 10 years.

 It seems that the Russian Navy is also very disappointed with the aircraft carrier. After all, this is not the first time this has happened. So what kind of ups and downs has this aircraft carrier experienced?

I am afraid that Russia will not be able to use aircraft carriers within 15 years. With the announcement of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the only aircraft carrier of the fighting nation will be pushed back until after 2024. However, this kind of thing is actually not surprising. 

 With fires and various accidents occurring, less than 10 years later, only one aircraft carrier, Kuznetsov, is left. In the next 10 years, During the year, the aircraft carrier had no record of going to sea. Due to a shortage of funds, the aircraft carrier Kuznetsov was also unable to lead a large aircraft carrier formation.

Russia's only aircraft carrier has had another accident

It wasn’t until the end of 2016 that the aircraft carrier finally had any movement. This time he planned to lead a team to Syria to participate in the war, but this time there was black smoke from the Kuznetsov as soon as he went to sea, and what was even more unfortunate was that there were two more All the fighter’s planes had accidents. One of them flew out of the deck and crashed into the sea, while the other crashed on the spot. It can be said that Russia lost face.

In the following year, the Russian Ministry of Defense signed a 60 billion maintenance contract, hoping to make improvements, but in the end, due to the negligence of the workers and the problems of the aircraft carrier itself, the Kuzinetsov was a problem of over-repair The bigger the deck was, the more damaged the houseboats were and sank. In 2019, there was even a major fire due to the negligence of the workers. 

In the end, many people died and a large part of the aircraft carrier was burned. There are problems. It was originally planned to be repaired within two years, but now it has been postponed to 2024. If this form is followed, it may still be far away. If these problems are put aside, what kind of aircraft carrier is the Kuznetsov itself? What is the performance of Russia’s only aircraft carrier, the Kuznetsov?

Russia's only aircraft carrier has had another accident

Regarding this point, Lao Mei has done a lot of discrediting. Among them, it even ranked the aircraft carrier at the top of the list of the world’s worst aircraft carriers.

In this regard, the U.S. military believes that the Kuznetsov’s hull quality is not only low and the runway is too short, but the maintenance cost is also high.

 The key is that accidents occur frequently, but the fighting nation has opposed this. The Kuznetsov cannot be compared with the opponent’s Nimitz, but compared with other conventionally powered aircraft carriers, Kuznetsov is not the worst.

So this list does not actually have too many references, but in terms of data, the aircraft carrier has a cruising speed of 18 knots, a maximum speed of 30 knots, a full load displacement of 60,000 tons, and 20 Su-33 fighter jets on board. , 15 Ka-27 helicopters and 2 Ka-31 early-warning helicopters are indeed not at the same level as the U.S. aircraft carrier Kuznetsov, and there are real problems in the actual combat of its own quality. It’s hard to get a place.

But now that the aircraft carrier has problems again, the Russian army has announced the postponement of its service. In recent years, it may be difficult for the aircraft carrier to appear on the scene. 

Of course, Russia’s real strength is its various missiles, so the most dependent thing is not the aircraft carrier. So much so that the Russian Defense Minister had previously stated that Russia would no longer need an aircraft carrier, so will this aircraft carrier still have a chance to appear in the future?