BAE Systems develops Striker II helmet for the Royal Air Force

HENSOLDT and BAE Systems joined together in a strategic alliance for a British Ministry of Defense contract.

Development of the Striker II helmet-mounted display for the Typhoon fleet

The strategic collaboration between  HENSOLDT and BAE Systems has been reinforced by a contract awarded by the British Ministry of Defence. This collaboration focuses on developing the  Striker II helmet-mounted display for the Royal Air Force’s Typhoon fleet.

With a history of successful collaboration and the development of the Striker I, HENSOLDT South Africa will provide advanced optical sensors for the helmet. It will lead the development of its intelligent tracking system.

The  Striker II, developed at BAE Systems in Rochester, UK, is one of the world’s most advanced fighter pilot helmets, employing the latest technologies to integrate its fully digital night vision system and color-readable display.

The core helmet comprises the optical tracking system developed by HENSOLDT ‘s Optronics business in South Africa.

HENSOLDT optical sensors and the development of the inertial storage controller unit

HENSOLDT ‘s advanced optical sensors will be used in the helmet, and HENSOLDT will also develop the system’s inertial storage controller unit (ISDU), the electronic component that provides the helmet’s “intelligence.”

This integral component employs sophisticated algorithms to convert data collected from helmet sensors, aircraft, navigation data, and information about the aircraft’s environment into intelligible symbology displayed on the pilot’s display.

This real-time situational awareness allows pilots to make quick, informed decisions, increasing their tactical advantage. This contract heralds the evolution of the  Striker II  from its predecessor, the  Striker I, developed by BAE Systems and supported by  HENSOLDT in a collaboration spanning more than twenty years.

The  Striker II  represents a paradigm shift as a fully digital solution, offering today’s fighter pilots unprecedented night vision and target tracking capabilities within a seamlessly integrated projected visor helmet system.

Striker II: an augmented reality interface for pilots

The  Striker II transforms the pilot’s helmet visor into an augmented reality interface, overlaying mission-critical data onto the real-world environment.

HENSOLDT ‘s advanced helmet tracking technology accurately identifies the pilot’s focal point, facilitating tasks such as viewing real-time data on the helmet visor.

This improves cockpit situational awareness and addresses the critical need to mitigate sensory overload in the high-tech, fast-paced environment of modern air combat.

The  Striker II is set to revolutionize the situational awareness of Royal Air Force Typhoon pilots, ensuring their safety in an ever-evolving and contested airspace.

HENSOLDT on the project and foreign direct investment in South Africa

With BAE Systems ‘ contract with the UK Ministry of Defense valued at £40 million,  HENSOLDT ‘s involvement in the project will generate significant foreign direct investment in South Africa while maintaining a significant number of jobs highly qualified at the HENSOLDT facility in Irene (South Africa), where 400 employees work.

Operations at this center focus on the design, development and manufacturing of optical, optronic and precision engineering products tailored for surveillance, identification, classification and targeting purposes.

BAE Systems provides some of the most technologically advanced defense, aerospace and security solutions in the world. It employs more than 93,000 qualified people in around 40 countries.

In collaboration with customers and local partners, they develop, design, manufacture and support products and systems to provide military capability, protect national security and people, and maintain the security of information and critical infrastructure.

HENSOLDT South Africa: pioneer in technology and innovation in defense and security electronics

HENSOLDT South Africa is a pioneer in technology and innovation in defense and security electronics. The company offers a wide range of products, systems and services for the defense and civil markets, from electronic and optronic warfare, spectrum monitoring and security solutions to radar, IFF and data links.

With more than 700 South African employees spread across five centers in South Africa, it is the  HENSOLDT Group’s largest industrial base outside Europe and one of the largest defense and security electronics companies in South Africa.