Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow

The CF-105 Arrow, Avro Canada’s interceptor fighter aircraft, is a milestone in Canadian aerospace history and a subject of intense academic and historical debate.

Start Design and development of the CF-105 Arrow.

Known for its avant-garde design and its ability to operate at hypersonic speeds (nearly three times the speed of sound), the CF-105 was abruptly withdrawn from production in 1959, in a decision that still causes perplexity and controversy today.

Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow
Avro CF-105 Arrow

The result of an optimized aerodynamic design and advanced propulsion technology made this aerial device a hybrid between a bomber and a striker of the latest generation. With a maximum takeoff weight of 30,844 kilograms (68,000 pounds), the CF-105 evinced a remarkable presence both on the ground and in the sky.

Functionality: CF-105 Arrow in the Cold War

An essential piece of Canada’s defensive strategy during the Cold War, the CF-105 was designed to track and intercept Soviet aircraft armed with nuclear charges. The Arrow’s nuclear capability and its potential for supersonic speed made it a valuable deterrent against potential Soviet raids across the Atlantic.

Controversy: The enigma behind the cancellation of the CF-105

Despite the technical performance of the CF-105 and its symbolism as an emblem of Canadian innovation, its abrupt cancellation has become a turning point in Canadian aerospace history. The reasons behind this decision are the subject of debate and speculation, with theories ranging from possible design flaws to decisions of a political nature.

Continuous Improvement: Technical adjustments and operational improvements in the CF-105

Despite the isolated incidents reported in the takeoff and landing of the aircraft, subsequent technical information reveals that significant progress was made in developing and improving the CF-105. Testimonials from pilots, such as that of Jack Woodman, show how the Arrow’s handling characteristics, both at supersonic speeds and during approach and landing, improved remarkably throughout the different flight tests.

Technical records indicate that the aircraft met expectations in terms of performance and operation, highlighting the absence of “erratic controls” in critical phases of flight.


Avro Canada’s CF-105 Arrow, a jewel of aerospace engineering, remains a symbol of innovation and technological development in Canada’s collective memory. Despite its abrupt and mysterious cancellation, his legacy lives on, defying the boundaries of time and technology.