Australian officials announced that they would deploy E-7A early warning aircraft to Germany to help protect the gateway of military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The Australian Air Force’s E-7A early warning and control aircraft is expected to arrive in Germany in October and stay there for half a year, the Australian Prime Minister’s Office announced on July 10. About 100 personnel, including crew and support personnel, will be deployed with the aircraft.

“This operation is intended to help secure an important gateway for international humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine,” the Australian Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement. “The aircraft will issue an early warning in case of any threat outside Ukraine to this gateway.”

Australia will coordinate with “the efforts of our partners, including the US,” when deploying E-7A early warning aircraft in Germany, as well as “support multi-layered protection measures in place for reinforcements aid in Ukraine.”

The Australian Prime Minister’s office confirmed that the E-7A will operate outside Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian airspace and will not be involved in the Ukraine conflict during the deployment.

Australia’s aid to Ukraine totaled $790 million after the country’s war with Russia broke out in February 2022, of which $610 million was military aid. Australia sent Ukraine a variety of military vehicles, such as M113 armored vehicles, ammunition and other weapons.

The E-7A, built by Boeing, specializes in intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. The aircraft is equipped with long-range surveillance radar, secondary radar, and tactical and strategic communication systems. The E-7A has two pilots and 6-10 equipment operators, a cruise speed of 853 km/h and a range of 6,500 km.