Argentine Army will launch the 105 mm TAM 2CA2 medium tank

The Argentine Army has undertaken an intense training program focused on the 105 mm 2CA2 medium tank of national production, with the aim of enriching the technical knowledge of specialized personnel.

This effort is designed with the vision of preparing these professionals to assume leadership roles as instructors within the country’s new tank squadrons. The training will take place at the 602nd Arsenal Battalion, located in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

A notable event is the recent equipping of the 602nd Battalion with its first improved 2CA2 tank, an event recorded on March 3 of this year.

Elbit Systems, an Israeli corporation, carried out the transformation. The modernization seeks to align the capabilities of the Argentine tank brigades with the requirements of contemporary warfare, as noted by SA Defensa.

Modernization and training: The future of the TAM 2CA2 in Argentina.

The TAM 2CA2, introduced in 2023, is being evaluated by the Argentine Army. This platform represents a significant evolution of the TAM 2C, offering notable advances in terms of electronic and optical capabilities.

Equipped with a gunner’s sight based on Elbit Systems ‘ COAPS technology, the TAM 2CA2 facilitates effective detection of day and night targets, improving long-range accuracy and optimizing sensor and thermal sight performance.

The design also incorporates a hunter-killer system for the commander, allowing autonomous identification and tracking of targets independent of the gunner. The project plans to upgrade 74 TAM and TAM 2C vehicles to the TAM 2CA2 variant within a period that extends until 2030.

In May of last year, the Minister of Defense personally supervised the operational and firing tests of the TAM in its TAM 2CIP2 version, carried out at the Magdalena Tank Firing Range.

Modernization and collaboration: The new horizons of the TAM 2CA2.

Argentine Army will launch the 105 mm TAM 2CA2 medium tank

The Argentine Ministry of Defense, facing 2023, highlighted: “This advance will allow us to use state-of-the-art armored vehicles, built for both training and war, the result of our collaboration with IMPSA. All of this has been possible thanks to the National Defense Fund.”

The TAM 2CA2 is a tank with compact dimensions, 6.75 meters long, 3.25 meters wide and 2.42 meters high. Its combat mass reaches 30.5 tons, which places it among the main battle tanks due to its lightness, but it exceeds most light vehicles in weight.

Equipped with the latest generation systems, the TAM 2CA2 improves its warfighting functions thanks to a renewed fire control system, thermal vision for the gunner and commander, and a laser rangefinder. It also benefits from a modernized communications system and an air conditioning system essential for operations in high-temperature areas.

The agility of the TAM 2CA2 derives from an MTU MB 833 Ka-500 diesel engine, which provides 720 horsepower, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 75 km/h on the road and 45 km/h on varied terrain. Its six-speed automatic transmission complements its mobility, while a range of 500 kilometers, thanks to its 1,200-liter fuel tank, facilitates prolonged operations without frequent refueling.

Regarding armament, the TAM 2CA2 is armed with a 105 mm L7A3 cannon, accompanied by 7.62 mm coaxial and anti-aircraft machine guns, allowing a total ammunition of up to 50 projectiles for the cannon and 2,000 for the machine guns.

The TAM 2CA2: balance between agility and power

Within Argentina’s weapons diversity, light tanks stand out, mainly of national production. The SK-105 Kürassier, of Austrian origin and with a design that includes a rifled gun in an oscillating turret, is part of this fleet, with approximately 118 units in the Argentine Army.

In addition, there is the M3 Stuart, which was American-made and inherited from World War II. Despite the years, the M3 Stuart maintains its presence, although in restricted numbers, the exact numbers of which are kept under lock and key.