Anka-3: The New Stealth Dragon of the Turkish Aerospace Industry

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has released the first image of the new ANKA-3 stealth drone. This monster of iron and technology is ready to wreak havoc from the sky.

The ANKA-3 MIUS (National Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle System in Turkish) is being developed with domestic technology and is expected to make its maiden flight in 2023. The shared photo shows two supersonic drones at ANKA’s external weapon station -3, ready to unleash their power.

The Imposing Force of the ANKA-3

The Chairman of the Defense Industry Presidency, Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir, announced that TAI had developed an unmanned combat aircraft for the first time. “Wait for it; it’s on its way,” Professor Demir commented with a sinister smile.

The ANKA-3 has a maximum takeoff weight of approximately 7 tons and is being developed in light of the experience gained with the ANKA series of UAVs. This drone is designed for air-to-ground missions and will have depth strike and DEAD/SEAD capabilities.

The Dragon of the Turkish Aerospace Industry

Turkey has not only become a major manufacturer of military reconnaissance and attack drones but also one of the leaders in international markets. The success of Turkey’s most famous drone, the Bayraktar TB2, has allowed the Turkish defense to sell its unmanned products worldwide.

The Turkish industry ANKA drone family enjoys local and foreign interests. An ANKA-1 version, for example, is in service with the Turkish army and has already been exported to three countries.

The ANKA-3 is poised to become the next big thing for the Turkish aerospace industry. With its advanced technology and attack capabilities, this stealthy drone will be a force to be reckoned with in the skies. Prepare for the takeoff of the ANKA-3!