The Argentine Navy withdraws its Super Etendard aircraft from service due to lack of spare parts.

The pilot was able to eject in time and suffered various types of trauma.

An F-18 fighter from the Air Force, belonging to Wing 15 of the Zaragoza air base, has crashed inside the military compound.

The event took place this noon, specifically at 12:10, when the pilot was carrying out exhibition maneuvers. It was then that the device, for reasons that are still unknown, crashed into the ground. The pilot was able to eject in time and did not fall with the plane, but according to the first reports, he would have suffered various types of trauma to his legs. Apparently, he is conscious and has been immediately transferred in a 112 medical helicopter to a health center, and his life would not be in danger. He is a 15th Wing captain with more than 1,000 flight hours.