Airstrike on Kyiv: Did Russia destroy a Patriot system?

In the early hours of May 16, a haunting video captured the intense aerial confrontation in Kyiv. The footage reveals the deployment of Ukraine’s air defense systems as they faced a barrage of missiles.

The target of this attack has sparked various theories and speculation, especially around the Patriot air defense system. Was he really shocked by the Russians? We will explore the details of this assault and the possible implications.

Air defense systems under fire

The Ukrainian Armed Forces mobilized its air defense systems in Kyiv in response to an air threat. The video shows how these systems dealt with a barrage of approximately 30 missiles fired regularly.

However, as the confrontation progressed, the number of launches increased considerably until they suddenly stopped completely. Then, a devastating explosion rocked the area, generating smoke and confusion.

Speculation about the target of the attack

Among pro-Russian voices, there is a theory that the Russians deliberately targeted the Patriot air defense system after it ceased its activity. Ukraine has several defense systems, such as IRIS-T, NASAMS and S-300, in addition to the aforementioned Patriot.

There is no official confirmation as to which of these batteries could have been hit. However, it has been revealed that the SAMP/T system recently arrived in Ukraine, the first to be delivered to the country.

The official testimony and the ravages of the attack

The Kyiv government has confirmed the Russian armed forces’ massive air strike. According to the city administration, ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and kamikaze drones were used to shell the Boryspil region from multiple flanks.

Although some of the missiles and drones were shot down, several hit different parts of the city, leaving a trail of destruction and chaos, including smashed vehicles, rocket fragments in the zoo and burning buildings.

Patriot: Vulnerable or affected by adverse circumstances?

The video and the bombing in Kyiv have reignited doubts about the effectiveness of the Patriot air defense system. Over the last few years, there have been incidents where it has not performed optimally, such as in Iraq and the attack on the Aramco oil refinery.

The air strike on Kyiv has highlighted Russia’s serious threat to Ukraine and its defensive capabilities. Ukraine needs to strengthen its air defense system and have modern and effective military technology to deal with this threat. In addition, the international community must be vigilant and support Ukraine in its struggle to maintain its territorial integrity and national security.