The Polish army has revealed its modern Gladius system, a fusion between unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and delay munitions, marking a new paradigm in defense strategies.

Gladius System Features

The innovative Gladius mobile platform encompasses a command vehicle, a mobile launch vehicle and multiple UAVs. Notable models include the FT-5 tactical UAV and the BSP-U attack UAV. The launch vehicle can also carry other UAVs, such as the Warmate 2 loitering munition.

This system has been specifically designed to offer the Polish Army a long-range, high-precision strike capability. UAVs are primarily intended for reconnaissance and target location while loitering munitions allow attacks from up to 100 kilometers away.

A key feature of the Gladius is its ability to network with other Polish military systems, including the Topaz combat management system, facilitating information sharing and operational coordination with other components of the Polish armed forces.

Development and Delivery of the Gladius

The Gladius, a product of the renowned WB Group, saw its first delivery to the 18th Artillery Regiment in December 2022. The first complete Gladius battery is anticipated to arrive in 2024. The deployment of this system represents a significant advance for the defense of Poland by providing a long-range precision strike tool, essential against both conventional and asymmetric threats.

The receipt of the first BSP-Us marks a crucial achievement in developing the Gladius system. With the provision of training packages, the Polish Army will be able to train its operators long before receiving additional system components, thus ensuring that it will be operational immediately upon delivery.

The Gladius system, which combines UAVs with delayed munitions, provides the Polish army with an unprecedented attack capability, being vital for national protection against multiple adversities.

Gladius Implementation and Agreements

On May 6, 2022, in the first phase of the Gladius program, a contract was established between the Armaments Agency and WB GROUP. This contract included the delivery of Gladius combat modules, unmanned attack and reconnaissance systems, as well as training and logistics packages.

Within its capabilities, the Gladius combat module will focus on neutralizing enemy systems, counterbattery fire and surveillance missions using FT-5 tactical UAVs. The effectors of the system include the BSP-U GLADIUS reconnaissance and attack UAVs, integrated with the TOPAZ combat management system, widely used by the Polish armed forces.