The M1-Abrams main battle tank (MT) is still in use by the Army despite being obsolete compared to newer and more advanced technologies used by the rest of the US Armed Forces. For nearly four decades, the United States military has relied on the Abrams family of tanks, with each new generation receiving improved capabilities and technology.

More recently, the tank manufacturer, General Dynamics Land Systems, strives to develop another, more advanced, and innovative variant of the Abrams family: the AbramsX.

In 2022, the Association of the United States Army held its Annual Symposium, where a demonstration was shown. The newest version of the powerful tank is poised to decimate the opposition.

Introducing the MBT Abrams family

The Abrams main battle tank has been in service with the United States Army since 1980 in a variety of iterations. The M1A1 Abrams, originally developed by Chrysler Defense (now General Dynamics Land Systems), was created to change the outdated M60 Patton.

The armored vehicle introduced several new technologies to the Army, such as advanced Chobham composite armor, a computerized fire control system, and a multi-fuel turbine engine.

The Abrams has undergone several significant upgrades in response to evolving threats. The Army has never switched tank models because the Abrams have proven so successful in battle.

More recently, the SepV4 is the latest variant of the Abrams to have reached the testing phase. According to the Army, new technologies incorporated into the 4th iteration of the tank will allow crews to identify enemy targets faster than ever before. 

In addition, the new Abrams “will integrate a color camera, an Eye-safe laser rangefinder, and a cross-platform laser pointer to facilitate multi-domain battle in full view of the commander .”

With an additional lethal upgrade, the M1A2 SEPv4 will include a comprehensive training system to maximize crew mastery of the system. 

This program started early enough to incorporate whatever technology the Army deems critical for the future battlefield, such as artificial intelligence, autonomy, APS, or advanced sensors.”

AbramsX: The US Army's New Tank Looks Like a Deadly Game Changer

The AbramsX is the Next level.

Although the M1A2 Sepv4 Abrams is brand new, the Army has its sights set on its eventual replacement. The launch of the AbramsX variant is expected to incorporate even more cutting-edge enhancements, such as a hybrid electric powertrain: a powertrain capable of improving fuel efficiency will ensure greater survivability with a reduced thermal and acoustic signature.

That is to say. The engine will make it possible for the tank’s crew to use weapons and sensors without giving off obviously detectable signals.

As for its size, the AbramsX will have a smaller chassis, making it more mobile than its predecessors. According to General Dynamics, its hybrid electric motor makes the tank consume 50% less fuel. Although the AbramsX will retain a 120mm gun as its main armament, it is expected to be replaced by the lighter XM360.

The new tank also features a Kongsberg RS6 remote-controlled weapon station consisting of an XM914 30mm cannon and a 7.62 coaxial machine gun. It makes sense that the Army will continue to build on the foundation of the Abrams main battle tank.

This armored vehicle has been highly operationally successful and has easily adapted to new technologies over the years. The AbramsX will undoubtedly play a role in the Army’s quest for dominance on the battlefield.