A new Air Force One is coming soon.

During the Trump administration, there were a lot of talks that the future plane that would carry the president would have an entirely new paint scheme

It would include a switch from light blue paint to one that featured a red, white, and dark blue color palette. It was to be the first major renovation since President John F. Kennedy was in the White House.

This past summer, however, the plan to repaint the Presidential Aircraft was scrapped due to cost and engineering issues.

Instead, the US Air Force revealed this month that Vice President Joe Biden had chosen a new livery design for the VC-25B, the “Next Air Force One,” that will closely mirror the livery of the present Air Force One, the VC-25A, while also being “modernized” for the 21st century.

“Considering that the VC-25B is a larger 747-8i aircraft, the livery of the VC-25B has three main differences from that of the VC-25A. The light blue of the VC-25B is a slightly deeper, more modern shade than the robin’s-egg blue of the VC-25A. 

Additionally, the VC-25 B’s engines will use the darker blue of the cockpit area instead of the VC-25A’s robin’s-egg blue.

Lastly, there is no section of polished metal in the VC-25B because the modern alloys of the skin of commercial airplanes do not allow it,” explained the Air Force.

A formal contractual decision on the livery of the VC-25B had not been necessary until this year for Boeing to carry out the program’s engineering, certification preparation, and supplier selection activities.

With the VC-25B, the Air Force has previously shown a red, white, and blue livery because this is the color scheme most people have expressed interest in seeing in 2019.

Nevertheless, a later thermal study determined that the dark blue in the design would necessitate additional Federal Aviation Administration certification testing for certain commercial components in specific situations due to the increased heat. Therefore, the choice of Trump-era livery, which was nearly identical to the exterior of Trump’s private planes, is ruled out.

The VC-25B program

The VC-25B program will provide a new fleet of aircraft that will enable the POTUS (President of the United States) to perform the functions of Head of State, Chief Executive, and Commander-in-Chief. 

The aircraft, a military version of the Boeing 747, will be particularly customized to provide the President, his staff, and his visitors with secure and dependable air transportation with the same degree of communications and security that is available at the White House, according to the authorities.

The new VC-25B aircraft will replace the current VC-25A fleet, which is facing capacity gaps, rising maintenance costs, and even parts obsolescence. A number of significant modifications are being made to the aircraft. 

Upgrades to the power grid, a medical center, executive quarters, a defense shield, and autonomous ground operations are all on the list.

The Air Force has announced that the first VC-25B will be delivered in 2027, followed by a second in 2028. Nonetheless, the Air Force is still prepared to maintain the VC-25A operational until the VC-25B arrives.

President George H.W. Bush, who served from 1989 to 1993, was the first head of state to be flown in a plane from the current generation. Air Force One is a widespread moniker for any VC-25, even though it really refers exclusively to the aircraft when the president is on board.