4 Most Anticipated Weapons of China in 2024

Due to increased uncertainty and geopolitical tensions, national security is crucial in today’s world. The military’s role is to protect sovereign interests and project global influence, especially with rapid technological advancements. In This article, we will talk about 4 Most Anticipated Weapons of China in 2024

China, as an emerging superpower, is paving the way for a new military renaissance, showcasing its ancient yet dynamic Eastern dragon. By improving its military capabilities, China is strengthening its position on the global stage.

China plans to reveal a new set of advanced weapons in 2024 that will demonstrate its modern and potent military capabilities. These weapons are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and strategic foresight, indicating significant changes in the global balance of power over the next few decades.

Here is 4 Most Anticipated Weapons of China in 2024

Type 096 Nuclear-Powered Submarine

4 Most Anticipated Weapons of China in 2024
Chinese submarine for Illustrative purpose

Having a strong naval force is important for a country to protect its rights and sovereignty at sea. Recently, the Chinese Navy made a significant advancement in its efforts to modernize by launching the Type 096 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine. This submarine is a remarkable engineering feat, and it represents a new level of China’s nuclear deterrence capabilities.

It can carry up to 16 advanced ballistic missiles and silently patrol the deep waters to provide an unrivaled strategic counterattack mechanism. With the commissioning of this stealth submarine, China’s nuclear triad has been strengthened, and it projects an impenetrable deterrent shield on the global stage.

Fujian Aircraft Carrier

4 Most Anticipated Weapons of China in 2024
Fujian Aircraft Carrier

The upcoming deployment of the Fujian aircraft carrier is boosting the Chinese Navy’s technology and combat capabilities. Fujian is as capable as America’s newest carriers, showing China’s strength in this specialized field. This reflects China’s growing importance globally.

The J-15 carrier-based multirole fighter has been upgraded to expand China’s carrier strike group capabilities. With better performance and an enhanced combat scope, this fighter is an important asset that plays a supporting role.

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

4 Most Anticipated Weapons of China in 2024
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Drones can greatly improve modern battlespaces. Man-portable drones are a new frontier for the People’s Liberation Army’s modernization efforts. Deploying drones poses challenges for integrating them into existing command structures and maximizing their efficacy in combined operations. It is important to optimize human-machine teaming to address these challenges. The key is to make sure that the drone technology is seamlessly integrated with human operators.

H-20 Strategic Stealth Bomber

4 Most Anticipated Weapons of China in 2024

China is eagerly anticipating the H-20 strategic stealth bomber program, which is expected to transform the Chinese Air Force into a global force. The H-20’s long-range precision strike capabilities, combined with nuclear armament options, will significantly enhance China’s strategic deterrent reach and credibility. Once operational, it will be a valuable asset for the country’s defense.

Although the H-20’s design is secret, it aims to have next-gen stealth, extended endurance, and fulfill diverse missions, including aerospace power projection. Its induction will fill a crucial capability void, increasing China’s political influence.


In this article, 4 Most Anticipated Weapons of China in 2024, we have talked about China’s future weapons, which will bring China forth in terms of military power. These 4 weapons will surely establish the Chinese military power as nuclear deterrence. Their unveiling could catalyze shifts in the global military equilibrium, compelling nations to reassess strategic relations with an increasingly powerful China.

China’s top priority is to ensure its national defense for future security. The country’s development relies not only on technological advancements but also on its strategic aspirations globally. It is a new era in which China’s military is rising and becoming a formidable force committed to protecting its territory and advancing its core interests through credible military power. In 2024, state-of-the-art weapon systems will be introduced to strengthen the People’s Liberation Army’s combat capabilities and ability to deter potential conflicts.