During the night, an IDF plane hit Zachariah Abu Ma’amar, a senior member of the political bureau of the Hamas terrorist organization.

Two senior Hamas leaders were killed in Israeli Air Force airstrikes in Gaza. During the night, an IDF plane hit Zachariah Abu Ma’amar, a senior member of the Hamas terrorist organization’s political bureau and head of its internal relations office. He was a senior Hamas decision-maker and coordinator among terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip.

Abu Ma’amar was part of the top forum of Hamas and participated in the organization’s decision-making and the planning of numerous terrorist activities against the State of Israel.

“Abu Ma’amar was known as a confidant of Yahya Sinwar, incited against Israel, and acted to endanger Israeli civilians,” the IDF stated. Hamas Economy Minister Jawad Abu Shamala was also killed in an airstrike.

As part of his duties, security forces highlighted that Abu Shamala managed the organization’s finances and directed funds to finance and direct terrorism inside and outside the Gaza Strip.

He also previously held security positions in the terrorist organization and, as part of his role, directed several operations aimed at harming citizens of the State of Israel.

Israel has declared war on Hamas following the massacre of more than 900 people by Hamas terrorists on Saturday morning.

This afternoon (Tuesday), dozens of IAF aircraft attacked 00 targets throughout the Al-Furqan neighborhood of Gaza. In the last 24 hours, the IDF has attacked more than 250 targets in the neighborhood area. The IDF also attacked an underground tunnel in the Rafah area intended to smuggle equipment and ammunition.

The IDF stated, “The Al-Furqan neighborhood serves as a nest of terror for Hamas and from where many activities against Israel are carried out.”