The Iron Dome system neutralized four projectiles, while the others hit uninhabited areas without causing damage or casualties.

For the third day in a row, rockets hit northern Israel, prompting a military response against posts in southern Lebanon.

Attacks and Responses: An Uninterrupted Sequence

On Tuesday,  the Israel Defense Forces  (IDF) reported that 15 rockets were launched from  Lebanon towards the Western Galilee, setting off alarms in several locations. The Iron Dome system neutralized four projectiles, while the others hit uninhabited areas without causing damage or casualties.

In response, the Israeli army carried out artillery and later tank attacks, targeting two positions of the  Hezbollah group. An anti-tank missile was also fired from Lebanon, targeting an armored vehicle near Avivim without causing any injuries.

The Israeli military stated that a  combat helicopter responded to the attack, hitting a third Hezbollah outpost. The IDF reaffirmed its commitment to protecting Israeli citizens, preparing for any scenario.

Sequence of Confrontations and Retaliation

The recent attacks occurred a day after clashes between Israeli forces and terrorists on the border with Lebanon, where three Israeli soldiers and two Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants lost their lives. Additionally, three Hezbollah members were killed in Israeli retaliation attacks.

These events intensified after the funerals of Hezbollah members. Before and after these clashes, several mortar shells were fired toward Israel from southern Lebanon, to which the IDF responded with artillery fire.

The previous Sunday, Hezbollah fired dozens of rockets at Israeli positions on Mount Dov. Although this group had remained neutral in previous conflicts between Israel and Palestinian groups, it now shows a more active stance, possibly seeking to open a second front in the conflict.

Regional Context and Border Tensions

As Lebanon intensifies its attacks, the Gaza Strip continues to fire rockets at Israel. Last Saturday, Palestinian militants caused devastation in southern Israel, leaving approximately 1,000 dead, more than 2,500 injured and around 100 people kidnapped.

Hezbollah, backed by  Iran, established camps on the border of Mount Dov. One of these was hit by an  Israeli drone. Despite the tensions, both Israel and Lebanon maintain respect for the UN Blue Line, although recent provocations by Hezbollah have tense the situation.

In recent months, multiple incidents have been reported at the border, including violations of UN resolutions by Hezbollah members and attempts to damage border infrastructure by the group’s activists.