100000 Israelis displaced by war with Hamas

Amid tension in  Gaza and the Lebanese border, around 100,000 Israeli citizens face displacement. Measures are implemented for evacuations and temporary stays subsidized by the State.

The   Israeli  Ministry of Defense has estimated that nearly 100,000 people could require internal displacement due to the war situation in the  Gaza Strip and the escalation of hostilities on the border with  Lebanon. This estimate is based on statements from ministry officials, who have categorized those affected into two groups: those evacuated from their residences and candidates for a temporary stay in government-funded accommodation.

The previous week, approximately 15,000 Israelis from 25 communities, all located no more than four kilometers from the Gaza Strip, were relocated. Likewise, the evacuation of another 27,000 inhabitants from 28 towns located up to two kilometers from the border with Lebanon is anticipated. These individuals will remain in state custody until conditions permit their return to what has been designated as a sealed military zone adjacent to  Gaza and a limited sector near Lebanon.

Before the return of evacuees is possible, infrastructure in the affected southern communities must be restored. This process includes but is not limited to, the repair of material damage and the guarantee of basic services essential for the habitability of the areas.

In further context, nearly 35,000 residents of  Sderot and 23,000 Israelis from 29 cities, all between four and seven kilometers from  Gaza, are authorized to “rest and refresh” for a week in subsidized facilities. However, according to ministerial sources, not all eligible residents in these regions opt for this temporary relief alternative.

Extending its reach, the  Ministry of Defense is evaluating the possibility of offering this respite to occupants of the coastal town of  Ashkelon, especially those whose homes lack protection from air strikes.